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A construction project manager is responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting and supervising projects from the beginning to the end. In short, a construction project manager has to take care of the following:
  • Put together the budget and negotiate cost estimates

  • Arrange the work timetables

  • Choose the most efficient construction method and strategies

  • Stay in touch with the clients for work or budget-related issues

  • Discuss technical and contract details with workers and other professional parties

  • Keep an eye on the personnel in construction onsite

  • Cooperate with building and construction specialists


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 Construction project management: The primary functions

Construction management is typically extended to a plethora of different functions. The most important of them could be summarized to the following:

  1. Specification of the project goals and the plans including drawing of scope, scheduling, budgeting, deciding upon achievement requisites and choosing project participants.
  2. Boost of the resource effectiveness through the acquisition of the workforce and of the necessary equipment.
  3. Conduction of numerous operations through legitimate coordination and management of contracting, planning, estimating, design, and construction during the whole procedure.
  4. Efficient development of solid communication between the agents for resolving any conflicts that may arise.

The main principles of construction project management
It’s no secret that construction project management is a quite complicated field. However, there are some fundamental principles that anyone who just entering the field should keep in mind.


After receiving all the bids for the particular project, the owner proceeds to the selection of the contractor through one of the following three methods:

  1. Low-bid selection: In that case, the main focus of interest is the price. The construction management companies present the lowest bids they are open to complete the project for. The project owner selects the lowest offer and proceeds with it.
  2. Best value selection: This process puts weight both on qualifications and price. The owner is choosing the most appealing bid both in terms of quality and money.
  3. Qualifications-based selection: The present method is adopted when qualifications are used as the only criterion for the selection of the construction management company. A request for qualifications (RFQ) is helping the owner in order to acquire further information regarding the experience and the project organization competences of the contractor.

Project Management Process

  1. Project Initiation

  2. Planning Phase

  3. Execution Phase

  4. Closing Phase

Project Management Documents include:

  • Planning Permission Drawings, Docucuments & Applications
  • Building Control Drawings, Documents & Applications
  • Health & Safety Documents
  • Contract Documents including estimated costs
  • Project Management schedules and documents
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